Ask for a Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist

Ask your healthcare provider to have your medical records reviewed and edited by a certified healthcare documentation specialist or certified medical transcriptionist prior to physician authentication.

Safeguarding your healthcare story requires a partnership between physicians and the documentation team – highly skilled, analytical quality assurance specialists. Certified healthcare documentation specialists and certified medical transcriptionists provide risk management support in capturing healthcare encounters and making sure they are documented and formatted in a way that promotes clinical clarity and coordinated care. This knowledgeable, well-trained workforce ensures the accurate documentation of your care as a patient and identifies gaps, errors, and inconsistencies in your record that could potentially compromise your care, such as:

  • wrong patient/wrong content
  • wrong provider name
  • wrong dates of service
  • incorrect work types
  • medication dosage errors
  • right/left, male/female inconsistencies
  • medical contradictions
  • other missing elements and speech recognition errors

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AHDI_Logo_blueBrought to you by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity on behalf of healthcare documentation specialists protecting the integrity of your health record.